Essay On War Of 1812

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The War of 1812 began on June 18,1812 and ended December 24,1814 (Childress 5). No one wanted this war to happen,even the president said it was a silly war (Nardo 5,10). This is the story of the war and what happened in it and who was in it. The war was made because of tension that was built up, not because of a bombing or anything major (Nardo 10). Benjamin Franklin said The War of 1812 was what really got their independence. The U.S. was a small and growing country the time they only had 18 states. Almost 8 million people lived in the United States at the time mostly along the Atlantic Coast (Childress 6,7). In the War of 1812 The Star Spangled was created. The war could have been avoided, but the ship was to slow and the war started because the ship that was slow had the treaty on it. In the battle no one knew the peace treaty was signed until two weeks after it was signed. The war was also fought because James Madison said what the British did were unforgivable. (Howes 4,5,6). It was also fought because the British tried to stop American trading routes. The Americans were trying to expand their land westward. The Americans had many costly defeats over the course of the …show more content…

The British also invented an invasion plan to do one of the largest attacks on D.C, Baltimore, Maryland, Charleston, South Carolina, and Savannah, Georgia (Nardo 66). The British planned an attack on New Orleans. The British lost the attack they did on New Orleans. They also lost every single battle they did against D.C, Baltimore, Maryland, Charleston, South Carolina, and Savannah, Georgia. This boosted the United States moral which made them win a couple make battles. The war also created the Federalist Party ( The treaty that was signed was named the Treaty of Ghent. It was obviously signed in Ghent. Nobody lost or gained any territory in this war which means it was pretty much pointless. The war officially ended on February 17,1815. The treaty was signed in 1814

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