The Revolution Of 1800: The Jeffersonian Era

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The election of 1800 was the beginning of a new era. The Jeffersonian era to be precise. This election was the first partisan election. Thomas Jefferson and Adam Burr ran as a republican while John Adams ran as a federalist. Jefferson and Burr received the same number of electoral votes. To determine who would be president the House of Representatives were forced to decide the winner. This would prove to be difficult as the House was deadlocked. That is until Jefferson made the promise to maintain Hamilton’s economic plan. This changed the minds of some leading Jefferson to victory with Adam Burr serving as his Vice President.
In 1803 the United States double in size through the Louisiana purchase. This purchase was deemed as the most significant …show more content…

Making James Madison the forth President of the United States. During his term Madison repealed the Embargo Act. This did not improve the relationship between the United States and Great Britain, they continued to deteriorate. During this time a group of men who called for war against Great Britain formed. They were known as the Warhawks. This group was established by Henry Clay and John C. Calhoun. This hatred for Great Britain eventually lead to the War of 1812.
The war of 1812 was caused by impressment, Interference with trade and Incitement of the Indians. In reality the Republican party believed that Great Britain had not respect for Americans. The United States was a strong force against Great Britain throughout the war. During the War the British would capture American men thinking they were British Troops who traded sides.
The war had a huge impact on the Americas was in 1814 when Great Britain captured Washington D.C. eventually burning the White House. During this time America stood strong and did not let this attack stop them from pushing forward. The war ended in late 1814 when the causes of war evaporated. There was no winner during this war, it ended in a

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