The Debate Between Thomas Jefferson And John Adams

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Naailah Muhammad
Professor David White
6 March 2018 What makes the controversy between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams so compelling was the fact that they were both outstanding statesman and founding fathers of America. Adams was the first Vice President of the United States, serving the first and second term of President George Washington. Adam is often called the father of the American Navy and he was the first president to reside in the executive house, what we know today as the White House. Adams was a Lawyer and political theorist. On the other hand, Jefferson was the first Secretary of State and the second Vice President prior to becoming the President of the United States. Jefferson was a Lawyer and founding father of the constitution as well. Jefferson mastered many disciplines, from surveying to Mathematics and Mechanics. Jefferson was a linguist and said to have spoken several languages. With the background and prestige of both candidates it becomes easy to see how they each gained major influence for the political philosophies they adopted and why the race for Presidency was so serious and controversial.
With all presidential elections, each comes with their own set of controversies. This rings true with the presidential election of the 1800’s between republican Thomas Jefferson and federalist John Adam’s. Each felt that if the other was elected that the America that they knew would erupt in a civil war. Although they were once allies and

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