Why Did The Americans Win The Revolutionary War

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The untrained, feeble American won the Revolutionary War against the British because of their undying motivation and exceptional leadership during hard times. The Revolutionary War started in April 1775 in the thirteen colonies, Americas. The British Army was a very powerful force, and many countries thought that the British would win. With their immensely large, organized army, and not to mention, all of their soldiers were well trained and experienced, it seemed apparent that the Americans would not stand a chance. In addition, they had a large navy. Contrastly, the American Continental Army were almost inferior to every aspect to the British Army. Lacking experience, supplies, soldiers, and organization, the Americans were up to a seemingly impossible challenge. However, with much …show more content…

Another reason why the Americans won the war was of their exceptional leadership. During the Winter of Valley Forge, the Americans were in trouble. Washington wrote a letter to congress asking for more supplies for his soldiers. Waiting for the supplies, Washington and 11,000 soldiers took a week long march to Valley Forge, which was 18 miles from Pennsylvania. Throughout the march, conditions were painful and harsh. With insufficient supplies, and inadequate clothing, morale was dropping quickly. Many Americans died, and countless more suffered in the chilling cold of the winter. Additionally, disease spread towards the vulnerable men, and led to even more casualties. Food was scarce, and all soldiers were forced to eat terrible food, including firecakes, biscuits that only consisted of flour and water. Despite the horrible circumstances, the soldiers did not leave Washington. When February came, those who survived were trained by a high ranking Prussian soldier named Friedrich von Steuben, who arrived to Valley Forge to assist the

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