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Dennis Chavez was born in New Mexico on April 1888 in Los Chavez, Valencia County,.His parents were David and Paz(Sanchez).Dennis had seven brothers and sisters. He started going to public schools when he was.Only as an 8th grader he had to start working because of financial issues in the household. He started working as a grocery store clerk in his town. Then later, after that he started in the engineering department in the city of Albuquerque for a while.After that he married Imelda Espinosa in 1911.She was a member of a very important family. Then after they moved to the Belen county in 1914.Shortly after they moved to Belen he started working for as a newspaper guy,private contractor,and a court interpreter.In 1917 he was given a job …show more content…

Chavez fought very hard for minority rights his whole time as a part of congress and the rest of his life.In 1934 Dennis had an extremely intense competition when he faced his opponent the republican senate Bronson Cutting.This campaign considered by historians says that this was one of the most epic battles in senate history.Although Bronson won the close match. Cutting was killed in an airplane crash on May 6, 1935, and a couple days later, Chavez was assigned to fill the vacancy pending another election.The next election was in 1936 and Dennis ended up winning this election because of Cutting’s death and was a senator for the remaining four years of Bronson’s term until 1940.Dennis got reelected in 1946 to 1952 to 1958 until he died in 1962.Dennis Chavez died of a heart attack on November 18,1962 at the age of seventy-four.He was buried in Mount Calvary Cemetery in Albuquerque.Dennis was the second Hispanic ever that was a part of the senate. He was also the first New Mexican to be elected by the senate in history.He also served the longest term as a Hispanic ever.The things that Dennis Chavez encountered was the great depression.The things that Dennis Chavez exchanged was some ideas to help America get out of the great

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