How Did Cesar Chavez Impact Society

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You may have been talking to a friend and a big impact in history may have come up about Cesar Chavez V.S Harriet Tubman so here I will tell you who I think made a bigger impact on society. The biography “About Cesar” is about what César changed and what he had to do to make his way to a hero and changing people's lives is written by the Cesar Chavez Foundation. The story “Harriet Tubman Conductor on the Underground Railroad” is a biography by Ann Petry is about Harriet Tubman’s early years as a child and growing up on the plantation Cesar chavez was born in a homestead outside Yuma, Arizona March 31, 1927. At age 11 Cesar Chavez’s family lost their farm to the great depression. From there Cesar went to school up to when he finished the 8th grade to work on the farm. From working on the farm Cesar learned the hardships of farnwork. Cesar joined the U.S Navy in 1946 and coming back in 1948 to marry Helen Fabela Cesar. Cesar did not win all his battles but one he did achieve was the UFW. “The first comprehensive union medical benefits for farm workers and their families through a joint union employer health and welfare fund…” stated in the story (Foundation,24) Cesar was proven a big change in society because on paragraph …show more content…

In 1849 Harriet started her first trip to Pennsylvania although knowing whoever got caught trying to run away they would be beaten shown in paragraph 6, “Because the runaway slave had been, whipped, and finally sold to the chain gang.”(Petry,35). Harriet had learned to be a leader figure to other slaves from her father which in my opinion that is why other slaves had trusted her so much, because she was Ben’s daughter. I believe Harriet had the ambition to save the other slaves because of their harsh treatment shown in paragraph 17, “Once a year, on issue day, they received

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