Summary Of Harriet Tubm Conductor On The Underground Railroad

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Throughout the story of Harriet Tubman: Conductor on the Underground Railroad by Ann Petry uses well thought out procedures to create the mood. Petry’s wise and clever description of Tubman's long and frequent trips to America to help free the slaves creates an overall feeling of hope and purpose. Over all Readers are well introduced to the main character, Harriet Tubman. Even though the readers can interpret what the writer is saying, I as a reader have wisely selected pieces of this story that obviously emphasize the love and hope Harriet had to help the suffering slaves. Harriet clearly does not live in a time like today where everyone is created equal. Which every human being stripes f human being strives for. In this story the first …show more content…

When it says “ holding these things out as a insensitive to keep moving” provided me with useful information to conclude that it was a harsh tariffing journey, taking a lot of strong commitment people to make it work and push through some of the hardest times. Harriet Tubman uses the term “ we got to go free or die. And freedom's not bought with dust.” Weighting out there chooses by saying if they would go back now they would die, and it takes extreme long hard days to get to freedom it's not just handed to them. Living in this time would be extremely difficult for slaves, knowing every step they take and every sound they make could get them …show more content…

Witch makes a good portion of homeowners reject slaves in need of a place to stay. On the other hand there was people that didn't care and would do absolutely everything to help, that was really shown when Harriet Tubman and the eleven slaves showed up at a farm that was owned by a German man. When Tubman knocked softly on the door he asked who it was, she responded with the Underground Railroad passcode a friend with friends. “Good bring them in.” She had to be relieved after being rejected the first time, not losing faith had to be extremely hard when she had eleven slaves lives counting on her to keep her word and help the become free. In this story the German man is one of the few that put a ginormous important on the Underground

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