Gregorio Cortez: Guilty Or Outlaw?

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Throughout the South West various Mexicans were being suppressed by Anglos. Not only were Mexicans not wanted in the U.S., but were blamed for all the banditry that occurred. Mexicans became the main targets of Anglos threatening Mexican lives and making them live in fear. Innocent people were slaughtered for the simple reason of just being Mexican. In Texas the Texan people accused Mexicans of stealing 100,000 heads of cattle. This false accusation led Anglos to strongly believe that any Mexican was guilty of stealing cattle. Portraying Mexicans as nothing more than bandits.
The biggest bandit and number one enemy of Texas was Gregorio Cortez. Gregorio Cortez became an outlaw after killing a sheriff in self-defense as a result of his brother’s death after a dispute between Cortez and two sheriffs. Gregorio was later accused of the death of another sheriff however that sheriff was really killed in a friendly fire that occurred between sheriffs. As a result Cortez became pursued by 300 sheriffs. The Texas authorities wanted Cortez dead however when Cortez was captured he was given life in prison and was seen as a hero by his people. He was seen as a hero not only because he was challenging the authority and …show more content…

As a way to unionize Mexicans created their own colonias and barrios creating an ethnic pride between their people. This symbolized solidarity and the phrases "the people" and "la raza" were used to when referring to members of the Mexican community. Colonias and barrios are still seen in parts of the U.S. today and are inhabited by the Mexican people. It has great value to the people who live in those areas because Mexicans can interact with one another and feel like they belong. Living in a place with a community that supported each other was a step towards change for Mexicans. Unionizing gave the people a voice and greater support amongst

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