What Are The Effects Of The Caayuse War

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The Cayuse War was a horrifying long lasting War that was started between the Cayuse and the Whitman Mission. The Cayuse War was about seeking revenge on the Cayuse tribesmen. This war was a bloody terrifying war that lasted 8 long years, The Cayuse were finally defeated. This War was very intense for people in Walla Walla involved in this war because many family members and friends were killed, the feeling of this war was sadness, exhaustion, and depression. “Seeking revenge, Cayuse tribesmen attacked the Whitman Mission on November 29, 1847, killing fourteen settlers, including Marcus and Narcissa Whitman, and destroying most of the buildings. Afterwards, the Indians held 53 women and children captive for ransom before eventually being …show more content…

As tensions increased, The whitman’s began to devote more and more time to caring for immigrants and less to the Cayuse. Then, the new settlers brought diseases with them and in 1847 a measles epidemic spread, and within 2 months killed about half of them. When Marcus Whitman was unable to check the epidemic, the Cayuse came to believe that he was poisoning them to make way for settlers. There were many settlers that died in the war such as, Marcus Whitman and his wife, Narcissa Whitman. The settlers that were involved in this war was the Cayuse men and the Whitman Mission. This war took place in Walla Walla in the time period of November 29th 1847 - 1855. In my opinion this war was both the Cayuse and Whitman's fault because the Cayuse made false assumptions and the Whitmans could of given both the Cayuse and emigrants equal time to care for and take care of them. I guess that it’s pretty even between who should of won the war, yet the Cayuse were brutally defeated by 1855 by the Whitman Mission. With the Cayuse number significantly reduced by the war, the Cayuse were placed were placed on a reservation with the Umatilla indians and their tribal lands were confiscated. So I guess this war was never really solved it was just ended when almost all of the Cayuse men were

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