President James K. Polk's Manifest Destiny

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President James K. Polk went to war with Mexico for one simple reason, and that was the basis of his so-called, “Manifest Destiny”. Since the beginning of President Polk’s campaign for Presidency, his main objective was for the expansion of the nation. He sit his eyes on the prize, which were Neuvo Mexico and the California territories, which included parts of the present-day states of New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, and Colorado. (1) He also placed great emphasis in the re-annexation of Texas, which undoubtedly brought great discontent with Mexican and United states governments. President Polk initially attempted to buy Neuvo Mexico and the Californias but the Mexican government turned it down. He then deliberately sent in General Zachary Taylor with U.S. troops to the disputed area of Rio Grande, which Mexico immediately took as an intentional and aggressive attempt by the United States to take over their lands. (2) But remarkably, it was not Mexico who declared war but the United States. And so began the infamous Mexican-American war, which lasted for about two years, from 1846-1848. …show more content…

The Northern constituents were gravely against re-annexing Texas, while southerners were totally supportive. The Southerners had more to gain with this war. With land expansion at their reach, the Southerners placed great emphasis on the expansion of slavery. This thought of mind or way of life, brought a big rift between the North and the South and left a long lasting discontent that ultimately led to the Inevitable conflict of the Civil War. Nerveless, after the Mexican-American war was done, President Polk and the American people were successfully able to acquire the coveted lands for the expansion of the United

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