Pontiac And The Ottawa Indians Essay

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Pontiac and the Ottawa Indians Pontiac and the Ottawa Indians were a big factor, they had a key role in what lead up to the Revolutionary War. Pontiac was a great leader for the Ottawa indians. Pontiac, their rebellion, and the Ottawas way of life were very important. Pontiac was born near to the Ottawa River, in 1720. His mom was a Chippewa woman. While his father was a Ottawa. Pontiacs’ other name was “Obwandiyag” it originates from the Ottawa. He was a great leader and warrior. He was the chief of the Ottawa Indians. He led many native americans against the British. His organizing skills is what made him become famous. Ultimately he grew into the main chief of the Ottawa, Chippewa, and Potawatomi. He later died in 1769. His death was from someone following him into the woods and and stabbing him. His death caused many problems in the tribes. …show more content…

It is also known as Pontiac’s War, it took place from 1763-1766. The Ohio River Valley is where the battle was taken place. The indians looked upon the British with concern because the British thought they were better than the indians. The British also gave white people land that the indians owned. The indian groups that in the battle were the Ottawa, Chippewa, Potawatomi, Huron, Delaware, Shawnee, Mingo, Miami, Kickapoo, Mascoten, and Piankashaw. Some of the other tribes were with the British. In the summer of 1763 Pontiac sent attacks on the British. There were only two forts that the British remained. Those two forts were Fort Pitt and Fort Detroit. In march 1764 Governor Murray tried to reclaim the forts. They got back Fort Niangua and Fort Detroit. The indians had failed. Then finally to end the war in 1766 Chief Pontiac signed peace

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