Native Americans During The Revolutionary War Summary

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After the recent readings for Zinn’s book, I began to do some research on the Indians helping the British during the Revolutionary War. I Google “Roles of Indians during the Revolutionary War,” and I sound a very interesting site that backed up Zinn’s statement. Many of the Indians, especially the Shawnee, Creeks and the powerful Cherokee and Iroquois helped the British in the American Revolution. The British promised Indians more than their freedom, they also promised to stop settlement on their land. However, there are some Indians that fought for America as well, those tribes were most involved with people who would become Americans. They lived in an intermarriage community and have personal relationships with them. The article also mentioned about Thayendanegea, or Joseph Brant, who is a leader of the Mohawk tribe. He went to the Moor’s Indian Charity School, where he learned to speak and write in English. Joseph became a translator and fought for the British. However, after the war, the Indians did not gain anything. They were not mentioned in the Preliminary Articles of Peace of 1782. Nor did the British set-aside area, which was promised in the treaty. …show more content…

The war was declared not by all Americans, but those at the top of the social class. The wealthy people or the Continental Congress wanted independence from Britain but at the same time keep the structure of their current society. However, there are some people that took this independent very seriously, such as in the Declaration of Independence where the line quotes “all men are created equal,” most people are fighting to make America more of a democratic country. Lastly, the video asked some famous historian asking whether the think the American Revolution is revolutionary and most people believed it is

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