What Are The Causes Of The American Revolution Dbq

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In the late 1770s the Thirteen Colonies of Britain wanted to separate and form their own nation. On July 4, 1776 they signed a declaration this was the Declaration of Independence declaring these colonies a new independent nation. When the shot was fired at Lexington it was heard around the world which started the American Revolution. Although some critics argue that the revolution had meager affects, the war actually revolutionized The United States of America which is evident by the greater equality for the social classes, the increase in equality for the minorities, and the creation of a republic.
The Revolutionary war caused greater equality for the social classes. After the War things changed for the the social classes Document 3 there is men with wigs with fancy clothes playing billiards with men without wigs and shows clearly poorer. Before the American Revolution the social classes were clearly separated they would not mix and …show more content…

In Document One after the Revolutionary War the people tore down the statue of King George which was the people 's way of disregarding the king 's divine right, his power. The people were no longer going to be ruled where their opposition did not matter. Another political was stated in the Declaration of Independence, “Governments are instituted among men deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed” (Document 2). This officially ended the power of divine right which was the king got their power from god. The people would now give the power to the the government they would consent if they agreed to what they were being taxed, restricted on, etc. Divine right had been around for decades, but the war completely changed everything. That shows the revolutionary war was truly revolutionary because the whole concept of a republic was foreign to the people, but yet they did it as they realized they wanted to have a say not listen to what the king has to

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