The Influence Of The Mexican-American War

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The Mexican-American War marked an enormous symbolic impact for both nations which changed people’s lives. There’s many similarities and differences between these two countries, the combat that began during 1846 between Mexicans and Americans has brought catastrophe and teared many families apart. The war commenced because Mexico claimed the Nueces River and its northeastern boarder while Americans demanded the Rio Grande River. Overall they had problems with land property, Mexico started the battle first and launch fire on April 25, 1846. This is when all the problems and fight’s begin and how Mexican’s and American’s became great enemies that can’t stand each other. Secondly, President Polk was the president of the United States during the Mexican American war and he believed that Mexico invaded part of Texas that belong to the U.S and killed American’s on American soil. He also doesn’t feel sorry for them, Polk says, "As war exists, and notwithstanding all our efforts to avoid it, exists by the act of Mexico …show more content…

Mexican’s most humiliating war was the Mexican-war as they referred to the “The U.S Invasion”, the battle that caused them to lose part of California and importantly their home. For instance, “thousands of militaries and civilians deaths directly attribute to battles, the war left ten thousand orphans abandoned and woman without a husband, majorly disabled people” describing how Mexicans experienced a tormenting view throughout the war and felt unwise that they couldn’t do anything. The war also caused arguments in the national government, there were seven presidents and 10 different ministers of foreign relations during the two years of war from there immediately lead to the civil war. As to the day of now, Mexicans continue to lament the consequences of the war that they call "the American

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