Tim Tebow's Role In Professional Sports

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Background Information Pre-NFL Career “Tim Tebow left the University of Florida as one of the most decorated college football players ever with two national titles and a Heisman Trophy” (Filice). Winning the Heisman Trophy, Tim Tebow had the potential to fulfill a great quarterback position in the NFL and to carry his team to championships. Intro to the NFL This potential quickly dropped as he failed to uphold the standards he set up for himself. Playing so well in college, he could not quite seem to keep up with the NFL. The Broncos drafted Tim Tebow and were the first team to view his potential, all thanks to a Josh Mcdaniels. However, this man who had vouched for his abilities soon shot his credibility after being fired. “A Week 13 loss …show more content…

He was known for being well-decorated with a bright future ahead of him. As he was signed and let go a few times though, his reputation dropped in the eyes of the NFL drafts. He struggled to find a team willing to stick to a contract with him and eventually gave up …show more content…

In regards to his public announcement of remaining abstinent paired with publically revealing his religious beliefs, Tebow struggled with the proper way of handling his short lived fame on and off the field. It is one student’s belief that he should have had a crisis manager set up to organize a press conference in regards to his face paint of ‘John:316’ on his cheeks and the movement of ‘Tebowing’ since it spread as a sensation; negative and positive. Relationship Status Gossip pages, paparrazi, former girlfriends and anyone surrounding Tebow’s football career have had a negative outlook on his choices. As one bash from the page, New York Daily News, rattles off an insult in retrospect to Tebow’s failed relationships on and off the field. “Former Miss USA Olivia Culpo has apparently taken pointers from the Jets, Patriots and Eagles by dumping Tim Tebow” (Niemietz). Paparazzi and other forms of public gossip jumped on top of Tebow’s failed relationship status as it roots back to his public announcement in regards to his choice on abstinence. One student’s personal opinion is that his choice on abstinence and full expression of the Christian belief was far too controversial and disagreed upon to bring so public. Keeping it to himself would have benefitted his career. A lot of NFL team’s tend to stray away from signing him. The public announcements are not the sole reason of struggle to find a

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