Mathieu: College Athlete

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and months later so did his grandmother. Days later Mathieu was adopted by his aunt and uncle, Shelia and Tyrone Mathieu, at the age of 5. There Tyrann showed his athletic talent, playing with local kids around the neighborhood and showing his athletic abilities. Mathieu joined the little league baseball team and also played football. Mathieu was an outstanding baseball player and gained the attention of local fans. Eventually years later mathieu had the field he played at named after him. Once Mathieu hit high school he began getting the attention of everyone in the state, including college scouts, Mathieu did track & field and played football for St. Augustine High School. Mathieu was outstanding in track & field participating in long jump…show more content…
at the time he was the number 13 on the list of the nations best cornerbacks. Mathieu’s sophomore year was one to remember. Mathieu had 77 tackles (60 solo and 17 assisted) 1.5 sacks, 5 forced fumbles, 4 fumble recoveries (2 for touchdowns) and 2 interceptions. After a remarkable sophomore season Tyrann Mathieu was on the list to win the Heisman trophy, given to the best college athlete in the nation, and also was on the list to win the Chuck Bednarik award, given to the top defensive player in the country. As award day arrived Mathieu was very nervous with hopes of winning both awards. After an hour of waiting Mathieu heard his name called to accept the Chuck Bednarick award. Minutes later the heisman winner was called and it was not Tyrann Mathieu. Robert Griffin III or RG3 was called to get this award and all Mathieu and three other finalists could do is…show more content…
August of 2011 Mathieu failed a drug test and was kicked off of the LSU football team with hopes of coming back. 2 months later the 2011 Heisman Trophy finalist and three other former Tigers players. One of them, former quarterback for LSU Jordan Jefferson, were arrested on drug-related charges that ended Mathieus chances of returning. According to the police report (2011) officers found the marijuana in Mathieu 's apartment Thursday afternoon. Mathieu answered the door, and officers "immediately smelled a strong odor of marijuana," the police report stated. After Mathieu, 20, gave the police his consent to search the apartment, officers discovered a marijuana grinder, a digital scale and 10 bags of high-grade marijuana, including seven in Bryant 's backpack, according to the report. Police say they were called to the apartment complex after receiving a complaint about a man, who later was identified as the 22-year-old Jefferson, forcing his way through the security gate before going to Mathieu 's apartment. These events put Mathieu in a tough situation and drowned his hopes of ever returning to football. After sitting out his senior year all Mathieu could do is watch his LSU team from the

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