My Papa's Waltz Compare And Contrast

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Everything in life has similarities and differences as long as you're looking for them, but some have more than others. Comparing similarities and difference between two things in life is making a compare and contrast (book) . When comparing and contrasting two pieces of literature you have to observe not only the themes of them but also the plot. Fences by August Wilson and My Papa's Waltz by Theodore Roethke have many similarities and differences throughout the literature due to themes and the plot.

In the poem My Papa's Waltz, a child is being abused by their father and in the play Fences Cory is abused by his father Troy. Due to this abuse it shows that the plots are similar and that it will lead to similar themes throughout these pieces. In My Papa's Waltz the reader can tell the child is being abused when it states "You beat time on my head With a palm caked …show more content…

One difference between the readings was a theme that Fences contained which was dreams, hopes, and plans. Troy had dreams to be a professional

baseball player but that was taken away when he went to jail and he was to old to play when he got out (Wilson). He then refused to allow his son Cory to play football ruining his hopes and dreams (Wilson). Cory didn't only want to play because of scholarships to college but because he loves to play and enjoys it (Wilson).

No matter what there will always be similarities and differences between multiple things in life, that is comparing and contrasting. Within the course of this class two pieces of literature that have similarities and differences are Fences by Wilson and My Papa's Waltz by Roethke due to having similar plots along with themes such as family and men. Both contained abuse which pertained to the plot and themes, but overall these pieces were enjoyable and I would recommend them to many people that I

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