A Brief Look At Shoeless Joe Jackson

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A person that never goes to school is like a dropout, because dropouts don’t go to school you would think that it would be hard later on in life to get a job raise a family and do good in life. Shoeless Joe Jackson was famous because he played professional baseball player. Shoeless Joe Jackson was a great baseball and a great person based on what I read he was always helpful even when he didn’t have to he wanted to. Joe Jackson was a very helpful child . Joe had a different life from everyone else because he “ never learned to read or write because he had to work instead of going to school” (Joe’s Story). By the age of six he was working, dusting cotton of the Brannon Mill floor. At the age of three the family moved to West Greenville where he grew …show more content…

White Sox make it in the Word Series!!! JOE was going to the world series, but will that be that be the best thing for him…? Well it wasn’t he and eight other baseball players on his team got kicked out of the MlB for throwing the World Series. In case you don’t know what throwing mean it means intentionally let the other team win. Joe swore that he had nothing to do with it but if he didn 't then why didn’t he come forward about it to the league? So they found Joe “ Guilty of throwing the game”. And was kicked out of the MLB by the commissioner. Joe Jackson’s later years were filled with regret and hate. Although the MlB found him “guilty,” shoeless Joe Jackson he still was trying to earn his way into the hall of fame. “joes story”/ Shoeless Joe Jackson. Mr. Jackson moved back to his hometown with his wife and he owned a liquor store, a cleaning company, and a BBQ restaurant “ Joe’s Story”. And still to the day he died, he was trying to get into the hall of fame but never was introduced . Joe lived until he was 71 years young. In conclusion Joe will be remembered just not in the hall of

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