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Gronkowski Legacy You may have heard of the “Gronk Spike”, whenever New England Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski scores a touchdown that is his signature celebration. He brings the football way above his head and throws it on the ground with force, the celebration may define Rob Gronkowski, although his whole family is pretty good at the game of football. The future father of five talented athletes was born and raised in West Seneca, New York. Gordy Gronkowski was the grandson and son of good athletes, he played: basketball, baseball, and football during his four years at West Seneca High School. Gordy was never considered a star athlete throughout his high school career. Gordy ended up quitting basketball his junior year so that he could spend time in the weight room and focus …show more content…

Chris Gronkowski was a high school fullback and went to college at the University of Maryland just like his older brother. He decided to transfer to the University of Arizona in 2007. “Chris signed as a free agent with the Dallas Cowboys in 2010”(Schober, 139). The youngest Gronkowski, Glenn (Goose) attended Kansas State and is currently an NFL free agent.
By far the most popular Gronkowski was born in 1987. Rob Gronkowski attended the University of Arizona like his brother Chris. “Rob was drafted in the second round, forty-second overall by the New England Patriots”(Schober,157). Rob had an impressive rookie season with the patriots, and in his second year pro he was selected to the NFL Pro Bowl. Rob Gronkowski is a household name in the NFL.
Overall, the Gronkowski family has been very successful athletes, Gordy always knew that his kids would be special. All the brothers know that having each other there to push each other has helped them become who they are today. Anytime you hear the name Rob Gronkowski you may think of the “Gronk Spike,” just remember that the whole Gronkowski family are phenomenal

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