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Introduction Practice Cade Cam Newton scored his first touchdown of the season. He headed to the back of the end zone for his signature celebration (Dabbing). The officials throw a penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct.Roger Goodell has changed so many things and most NFL players don’t agree with them. Roger Goodell needs to quit banning celebrations and changing the NFL. NFL players express their thoughts about the NFL’s new celebration ban and how celebrations are a fun way of showing excitement.To start off, Celebrating helps the team and fans to be more positive throughout the next drive and the entire game. Based off of, since the rule took place players like Cam Newton said, “I was at the back of the end zone, away from other players, Celebrating and then I got a flag,” Newton …show more content…

Its part of the game. According to an interview with Jordan Reed, When the interview took place Reed angrily told reporters “All I did was shoot a free throw,” He continues, “It was an outrageous call (or flag)”A lot of players were upset about the new rules with celebrations and how they get flagged 15 yards for a celebration.Some people believe that banning celebrations teaches the youth good sportsmanship and to be humble.According to the NFL the, after the league commissioner Roger Goodell banned celebrations he said, “Players have no respect for each other,” Roger then says, “maybe the players will show more sportsmanship.”The NFL and Roger Goodell thinks most players have giant egos, it doesn’t help to let them taunt other players. However, if players are working really hard to score a touchdown they should be able to celebrate 6 points. Based on an post game interview, because Victor Cruz (New York Giants WR) was mad after a penalty in the end zone he kept repeating, “ I did my usual salsa after scoring,” Cruz later said, “all I did was a dance for my Grandma. How is that taunting?” Victor Cruz and Antonio Brown both got flags that

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