Friday Night Lights Film Analysis

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Many people forget about the movie Friday Night Lights because of the new series that was on television. Billy Bob Thornton plays an incredible part as coach Gary Gaines. The movie takes place in a small town in Texas. This town is racially divided and economically going down hill. The only thing that brings everyone together is friday night football. The Permian Panthers were custom to winning, but this starts to disappear when their lead tailback suffers from a life changing injury. Everyone lost hope in the team, but Coach Gaines believed that he can uplift the teens and bring them to victory. The coach has a way with the football players during the half time. In a way that he might not realize, but he does use logos, pathos, and ethos. In this essay I will go into further detail into how he did so. This speech does not necessarily have logos. But when Coach Gaines talks about being perfect he does not use the standard definition. He goes on with his own definition of what perfect means to him. “Can you live in that moment, as best you can, with clear eyes and love in your heart? With joy in your heart? If you can do that gentlemen, then you're perfect.” (Friday Night Lights). Coach has reasoning behind saying this because he wants the boys to not give up and to keep fighting. This word “perfect” is …show more content…

This connects with ethos. In this moment Gaines has all eyes on him, he has all the attention from the players. They are all focused on what advice he is giving. He has credibility because of the football jargon he uses with the team, perhaps others might not know what he’s talking about but everyone in that room does. This helps the players connect with their coach. During the “Perfect” speech Gaines first speaks with tough tone, but this then turns into a sentimental tone right when he tells the boys what perfect means to him. You can tell that the Coach has respect from all of the

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