Dean Barnlund's Communication In A Global Village

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Journal #1 Dean Barnlund’s essay, Communication in a Global Village, was written in the 1970s. What contemporary problems or issues would Barnlund have to contend with if he were writing this article today? Answer this question with specific examples and use Barnlund 's vocabulary in your discussion (expected length 1 to 2 paragraphs). Things today are VERY different then they were in the 1970’s, from what I gathered in Communication in a Global Village is that Barnlund believes that there is a problem in society which people of other cultures cannot communicate with each other. On page 5 this quote really stuck out to me “The word “neighbor” referred to people very much like one’s self-similar in dress, in diet, In custom, in language –who happened to live next door” (Barnlund, 1970) He believes society tends to attach themselves to their own kind rather than branching out to other cultures. “Every culture attempts to create a ‘universe of discourse’ for its members”. (Barnlund,1970)) This means that in each culture they have specific rules for …show more content…

On page 6 Barnlund says “What seems most critical is to find ways of gaining entrance into the assumptive world of another culture” (1970) In my opinion this shows the overall outcome of the movie Remember the Titians. In the beginning of the movie when the schools are first integrated and are forced to be an integrated football team, the team members were not happy… and what made it worse was the fact that they had an African American coach. They were sent away to camp to learn to work with one another, and by the end they ended up over coming racial issues that they had. They found ways to gain entrance into the world of another

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