A Brief Summary Of Remember The Titans '

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The Civil Rights Movement was a very important part of American history in the time span of 1954 to 1968. The Civil Rights Movement displayed how the African Americans fought against the tremendous alienation that they had faced for centuries. Remember the Titans is a heartwarming story of how, after the strife of The Civil Rights Movement, both blacks and whites came together to form a football team and defeat discrimination between each other. The Titans, led by their team captain Garry, recovered their broken community from racism, to which strongly afflicted them. Garry was a good and fair captain for the team because he judged based on the ability to play football and not skin, he was very loyal to his teammates, and he had perseverance. …show more content…

When Garry and Julius were seen having an argument, Garry’s criticism of Julius were only that Julius was selfish and wasn’t a good team player. This shows that Garry saw past Julius’ skin, and judged on his reciprocity with the other team members. Secondly, Garry kicked Ray off of the team for missing a block on purpose and causing Rev to be injured. In this action, it is observed that Garry kicked Ray off the team in Rev’s defence despite skin color. Garry was a good team captain because he judged on skill and not race. Secondly, Garry was very loyal to his teammates and coaches. When Garry was offered to hangout with his racist girlfriend, he turned down the offer to hang out with his integrated team. When Garry turned down this offer, he demonstrated how he would rather stick with his true friends, his team, and that he wouldn’t betray them. He also was loyal to Julius and his other colored friends, despite the protests of the white parents. This showed that he loved and supported his team, despite all of the scrutiny. Garry was loyal to his teammates and

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