Remember The Titans Relationships Essay

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Not all relationships are perfect. Some relationships will start with people not liking each other, but throughout the time it gets better. People will learn to get along and it may take a few minutes to a few years. In the movie Remember the Titans, that's how the relationships were. The teammates, the coaches, and the community all had a relationship problem in the movie. These relationships started off with the two sides not wanting to be involved with each other and not respecting each other but the relationships grow, develop and blossom throughout the movie of Remember the Titans.

The teammates had their ups and downs during the movie. It started off with them fighting a lot and how the white players didn’t want to play or be involved …show more content…

It wasn't only the teammates and the coaches who didn't get along, it was also the whole community. The white people weren't too happy about the black people moving into their community. They didn't treat them with respect, they didn't want to be involved with them, and they overall didn't like them. When the parents found out about how their kids were going to a school with both races, they went on a strike. This wasn't the best thing to do because they were setting a bad example for their kids by saying different races can't get along. However, during the movie, this changed. They saw how the football players and students got along and one by one everyone's opinion on race changed. By the end of the movie, they were all one big community instead of two different races.

During Remember the Titans, the relationships between people started off bad but ended up being the opposite throughout the movie. People are always treating others differently because they're another race. This movie showed how two different races went from hating to loving each other with some help. So what if you're black, white, or another race, that doesn't mean everyone can't get along. Everyone should be treated the same and should be given the same respect as others. As the saying goes, never judge a book by its cover and treat people the way you want to be

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