Themes In Glory Road

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How often in the 60’s would we you have the minority of white people on a basketball team? That's what we had happed during the movie Glory Road. We followed a coach who made a team who he thought would win with. We saw them getting crap for the color of the boys on his team. As you watch you see many possible themes but the one that i thought stuck out was courage.

As we follow the basketball team to different cities that that they play in. They get treated with different levels of disrespect but they still play and try there hardest. We see them in Texas it not the worse, but they still aren't treated with much of respect. When the players are getting introduced no one cheer for them. There a lot of racism that's not told to their face …show more content…

He does this to show that the times are changing and we should fight it. We see the Kentucky coach saying it's a spit in the face and we should spit back. He is disrespectful to them all the time, but after he lost the next year he recruited a black player and played him. And realized that he need to resign as coach. If the boys gave up when the game was hard it would have proven everything that coach had said about them as right and the change would have happened.

We see people getting hate mail, getting it told to their faces, and behind closed doors. When the coach found out his family was getting death threats and hate male he could have easily just been like I can't take this and bench the black kids but it took courage to keep the black kids playing. Also, the kids get yelled at and beaten they could have gone home and went back to work but what good would that have done.

As you can see this team and people related to this team went to hell and back cause they had a minority of white boys. They had to have courage from the very first game to the national championship game. From their own home games to the most hostile games in the deep south. They need all the courage they could muster, so that why you can see that was the best theme for this

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