Racial Adversity In The Movie Remember The Titans

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The movie entitled Remember the Titans is a true story turned into a movie about a high school football team in Alexander, Virginia during the year of 1971 at T.C. Williams High school. During this time in history segregation was coming to an end but the racism that started everything remained the same. This movie was centered around a small town in Virginia that loved high school football but didn’t like the fact of desegregation bringing outsiders to their schools. When the desegregation began the sports teams had to merge into one and this presented a big obstacle for the towns’ most loved sport which is football. Despite the adversity the football team came together but had some major issues but to get to a successful story they had to overcome a lot of adversity such as the segregation of their school, the matter of who’s gonna be head coach, and getting the players to play as a team. This is one of favorite movies because it shows how through all the odds that were stacked against them they overcame the odds such as racism and relationship building to form a high caliber team. The major theme of this movie was racism and that was followed up with various sub themes but three that stuck out to me were racial ideology, overcoming adversity, and the building of friendships. When I first began to analyze this film, you had to think about the period in which it actually took place which was 1971 in rural southern Virginia before title IX was even passed. In the beginning

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