Hungry Jack's Case

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Question One:

When you eat a Hungry Jack’s Ultimate Double Whopper you consume about ⅓ of daily recommended intake in kilojoules and 4/7 of fat. Now imagine adding 4 pieces of chicken nuggets, large french fries, soft drink and a caramel sundae. That’s about a whole day’s worth of energy and nutrients squashed into one meal. In Isaac’s case, an aftermath of eating a horrible days intake in one meal, he is unable to burn enough kilojoules to counter the accumulation of fat and sugar which is stored as energy, waiting to be unlikely be used and build up.

In addition nothing can be considered ‘nutritious’ in the Hungry Jack’s lunch diet, particularly the Total Fat and the sugar which exceeds the daily recommended intake. Taking into account …show more content…

In Australia half of the population will develop a mental illness such as dementia and depression or a disease like diabetes in their lives. The cause of this can relate to the quality of our diets which as research suggests can affect the course of our lives. Another result of a continuous consumption of the Hungry Jacks meal is that it has long been suspected that specific nutrients can affect cognitive processes and emotions.

Without a proper diet, in Isaac’s case he eats one nearly one whole day's worth of kJ and even surpasses the recommended daily intake of fat, saturated fat and sugar, in a single lunch time meal. If you lack the healthy nutrients required for proper cognitive and physical health you should be ready to face the consequences. You are what you eat, and after you ravenously chomp down hundreds of those fat filled burgers will you finally begin to feel the effects, such as low self esteem and diseases relating to metabolism. This can be negative towards our spiritual side, as we should also learn to adopt vegetarian dietary habits not just …show more content…

Perhaps depression, relating to self esteem and body image? You’re doing most things right, but still changes need to be made. This can mean throwing out those greasy bags of chips and tempting bars of milk chocolate and junk food from your lunchbox instead, why not bring in a bag of fresh fruits, a healthy sandwich, or even a salad dish. Hey, why not add an extra 20 minutes of exercise during your daily routine?

People, especially teens these days forget that eating right and exercising regularly can help you avoid excess weight gain and maintain a healthy weight. You can obtain the benefits of exercise by being active in simple ways throughout the day. Such as taking a walk instead of driving vehicle, as many would say that the little things we do can lead to big results.

Body image is highly relates to self-esteem. Feeling self-conscious and being aware of your body is normal and can vary from day to day. A negative body image is when someone is constantly miserable about their appearance or how they look. These concerns can affect self-esteem and a person's sense of

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