Perfect Girl Annotated Bibliography

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Kayla Terry
October 30, 2015
English 101P 2:00-3:40
Annotated Bibliography
In the media, what type of girl is the perfect girl? Beyoncé known as the “Queen” in pop culture sends a message to women of all ages in this world that we are beautiful and have power in this world. I chose Beyoncé as my topic because I believe that the message she gives to women is important to herself and fans who follow. As we know Beyoncé has the life, looks, and popularity that all women want in this world, but she tells us it’s okay to not be the “Perfect Woman”. Flawless and Run the World is two songs that says women are powerful and beautiful just the way they are.
The sources I have used explain how women feel of images they see in the media. I
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Pretty Hurts. Sia Furler, 2013. CD.
Beyoncé Knowles released Pretty Hurts in 2013. The song is about a beauty pageant that Beyoncé is competing as Miss Third Ward. The name comes from the neighborhood she grew up in. In the video it shows the Beyoncé and the other women participating practicing before the show, and the directors are measuring the women and showing how the perfect woman is supposed to look. In the end of the video Beyoncé ends up losing the pageant, but an albino woman ends up winning the pageant. Which shows that it does not matter what is on the outside, but what is on the inside.
“Perfection is a disease of a nation,” a verse used in Beyoncé song. It explains how women are obsessed with trying to be the ideal woman in the world. The message behind making the song was finding beauty in imperfection. The music video also showed younger Beyoncé accepting an award for a singing performance. Sia Furler wrote the song and when Beyoncé heard it she wanted it for herself, she knew it would be perfect for her
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“Queen of the Filtered Instagram Image, Beyoncé Critiques Our Airbrushed Beauty Culture.” 13 December 2013. Slate. Document. 4 November 2015. Queen of the Filtered Instagram Image, Beyoncé Critiques Our Airbrushed Beauty Culture author is Amanda Hess. The article talks about how Beyoncé new album is full of pop feminist commentary. The positive message Beyoncé gives young girls who are trying to reach the goals of the ideal woman. Also it talks how Beyoncé does not look like the typical pageant queen, but it also says neither does the Miss America. The beauty myths have changed in today’s world.
Selfies from stars themselves are the new way of beauty. Beyoncé is used as role model of the world of the different beauty standards to the women in the world. You can see flaws through Instagram filters, even for stars. It tells stories from movie stars Ashley Benson and Victoria Justice. Unflattering photos of stars are also spoken of in the article, saying that it is normal not to always be
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