Explain Two Links Between An Individual's Identity, Self-Esteem And Self Esteem

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There are a few links between an individual’s identity, self-esteem and self-image. An individual’s identity is them, their age, their name, ethnicity and background, their family, also their language and education. Their self-esteem means how much they actually value themselves and lastly their self-image is how they view themselves or see themselves. If they have no identity, for example if they are afraid of how others might see them this links to a low self-esteem which can lead to social isolation and/or they might suffer from depression, then their self-image may then suffer such as they forget to look after their personal appearance, hygiene and how they used to dress. On the other hand if they are happy and confidence with their identity then the individual is most likely to look after themselves and their personal image more such as the way they look, dress, eat healthily and exercise etc. and this will increase their self-esteem so they are more likely to be …show more content…

A risk assessment is where we look at all the risks and try to find a way of overcoming or try to reduce the risks, as well as looking at the risks that is involved with many of the activities that the residents are able to do, then what can be done and put in place then to reduce the risks so they can take part in the activity risk and harm reduced, because they always have the right to be included in activities that they want to participate in. Therefor if an individual wants to do something independently, for example, make themselves a cup of tea, then a risk assessment will need to be completed to minimize the risk of that individual burning themselves or other residents, such as cap the temperature of the hot water, instead of taking their independence away from them and for us to do it for

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