Social Media Affecting Women's Body Image

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According to a survey done by Jesse Fox, Ph.D., 80% of women feel bad about themselves just by looking in the mirror (Dreisbach). This has happened because of social media being changed to make girls feel like they need to have a certain body shape. Models and celebrities in magazines and media show unrealistic beauty and it contributes to eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and much more (Seventeen magazine). Media has put lots of stress on women throughout history with changing body shapes. A survey done by Dove found results that 9 out of 10 women want to change at least one aspect of their physical appearance. Social media even makes girls compare themselves to their peers, instead of just to celebrities. In turn, it makes girls feel …show more content…

When women are uncomfortable with their body, they get taken advantage of by companies trying to sell their products varying from protein shakes, “magic pills”, to surgical procedures (Lin). But all of this can be prevented with six simple themes to address. First, with family, friends, and other relationships, we can further educate each other and work together to come up with alternatives to these linked issues with body image. Secondly, we can put an end to teasing and bullying. No one has the right to or entitlement to emotionally, mentally, or physically harm another person for the way they look. Thirdly, we can discuss the healthy and suitable way to achieve your own personal appearance goals. Fourth, we can change up the media and celebrity culture. By allowing a wider variety of figures into this industry it will allow women around the world to feel comfortable in their own skin. Fifth, we can eliminate the comparison and competition we have with one another to “look the best” and “be the sexier women.” Lastly, and this goes to all women, we must learn to have respect in ourselves and look after ourselves and one another to be beautiful individuals in our own, unique way (Ramsey). “Society indirectly limits many individuals freedom to enjoy life by promoting physical expectations they fail to meet” (Solomon, et al). But we can terminate this expectation, so that no woman would ever have to second guess her body

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