Black Women In The 1950's

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This advertisement was most likely published around the 1950’s. Women was supposed to fulfill certain roles during the 1950’s. The perfect wife was supposed to stay home and have dinner ready and on the table for when her husband arrives home from work. The advertisement says a lot about how some men may view their wives and many women who always had need for a man. Women would more than likely be shown doing the “nonworking roles of the home” then a man would. If the portrayal could be different such as the man being the cook or the parent who stays home and takes care of the kid’s things would be very different. Women would be seen as the more dominant role in the relationship. Men would have to have dinner on the table before their wife …show more content…

Black women are shamed for the features of beauty that they were born with. Black women are shamed because their body may have more curves than your ideal women. White women are praised for their bodies. Negative imagery of black women is portrayed in the media all the time and mostly fitting the stereotypes that many people have on black women such as “the angry black woman” or “gold diggers”. Black women are not allowed to be human in the way that other women can be. Black women are expected to abide by certain rules and not act a certain way. Black women have to strip their self-clean of who they are in order to be …show more content…

The ideal of a women magazine model are full of photos with women who are typically white and very thin. Many women will agree that they may feel pressured to dress or look a certain way because of the way the models look. The media can make women feel insecure about themselves and have low self-esteem. The messages in the media says that women will always need to make an adjustment to fit the “ideal” look. Since, the media portrays such images and make women feel like beauty is important women need to make sure they love themselves. Today women, cannot even go to the corner store without putting on any make up. I would say women need to make sure that they love themselves because not only can they face things the media portrays because of their gender it could also be because of their race, sexuality, and

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