Stereotypes Exposed In The Angry Black Bitch

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Growing up in the southside of queens’ public school is the typical for most African American in the neighborhood. But of course, my mom wanted to make sure I wasn’t just typical so for high school I had attend a private school. I was very eager to join a new school but also nervous but to get rid of nerves I joined various after school activities to meet new people and feel comfortable at school. I joined the girls’ basketball, I quickly noticed that I had been the only African American girl on the team, but I didn’t let that stop me from trying to improve my game and make new friends. As the basketball season went on I had noticed that not much of the girls would talk to me, but I continued to rub it off and made the best out of it. Out of all the stories and comments I would tell my mom it was this one statement that …show more content…

The Angry Black Woman saying comes from the sapphire stereotype. The stereotypes claim that black women are dominant, masculine and aggressive. It also claims Black women drove their partners and children away from them which is called “unnecessary anger”. The stereotype has portrayed the black women as very opinionated, harsh, loud, bad attitudes, always negative and rude. If you decide to wear your hair in a natural state that is considers unprofessional, unkept, and or distracting. This is the struggles of the “Angry Black Bitch”. If you wear clothes that fit your body you are a slut, asking for attention and not acceptable in the workplace. These are just the few of many things black women must deal with on a day to day basis. The quote “Angry Black Bitch “is an American saying that black women are "sassy, ill-mannered, and tempered by nature". Sassy refers to this definition is just simply speaking my mind, I see myself sometimes holding back words to stand up for myself. What if I just want to be heard? What if I don’t want to be silenced by the

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