Black Panther Essay On Women Empowerment

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In this week's journal I will be discussing; The Opening of the Black Panther movie and how the movie is more women ordination and the overall power that women held in these positions, and what ways black women excellence is shown in the movie.The main character may be the king T'challa who is the king of wakanda, but the women were the true focus on the film, and are extraordinary. These women are extraordinary based around the fact that.
None of these women have superpowers during the movie and don't let this fact deter them from the task that they take on.
The technical advancement that was achieved in Wakanda were thanks to the help of black women, and one of the smartest people is Shuri who came up with a transportation system for the country using their resources.
The break down of the layers of how black women are portrayed in films.
This film shows the true layers that black women can have in films that is past the stereotypical The sassy black friend The ghetto black women The angry black woman storyline can only be done so many times. Seeing black women as strong and highly intelligent individuals in films and how this needed to related to real life.
How this can be connected to the short book We Should All be Feminists, is …show more content…

In the past we know that higher education hasn't always been extreme inclusive, and that someone who brings new and ‘radical’ point of views can be seen in a negative light. When I was watching Black Panther there was a sense of community even for those who were no longer in Wakanda. What would happen if we were able to have a strong sense of community in higher education, from people that come from every walk of life, and what new ideas would be brought to the table to move everyone

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