Twitter Satire

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Every minute, three hundred forty-seven thousand tweets are sent out to Twitter (TwitterFacts, 2013). The obsession the world has for Twitter has caused controversy because of some tweeters mistreatment, and could be argued to be a destructive app. Social Media can be used positively through expressing creativity, connecting with friends or family, and finding commonalities that can be enjoyable to look at or read about. Twitter is not an appropriate social media app for teens because is causes self image to down-spiral leading to depression and suicide, eliminating face-to-face communication, and is becoming a huge time waster. Twitter is a social media app that allows users to share what they are doing or how they are feeling with their followers. This can range from pictures, to words, and even videos. Tweeters appreciate other tweets by favoring it or re-tweeting their posts. This particular part of Twitter is where it can be destructive to self confidence because of the amount of favorites someone gets on their tweet. Famous …show more content…

Like expressed before, hundreds of thousands of tweets are being sent out per the minute. Not to mention, the time a user is spending scrolling through their Twitter feed and looking up other people. In Serena Gordon’s article Social Media Has Good and Bad Effects on Kid, interesting statics such as most social media users log into their apps more than ten times a day are just the beginning of issues that social media has presented including Twitter. Gordon goes on to address other issues with-in social media like cyber-bulling and self confidence issues attributing to the risks of having any type of social media. (Gordon, 2011). Imagine what one could accomplish in a day without checking their Twitter every hour or so. The amount of time wasted checking, and tweeting and searching through this app could be spent engaging in healthier

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