Leave Your Laptops At The Door To My Classroom Analysis

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The Connection that is Disconnecting People
Are electronics and social media reducing learning, connection, and focus? In the essay “Leave Your Laptops at the Door to my Classroom,” Darren Rosenblum answers this question. Rosenblum talks about laptops have become a distraction to learning in his classroom and decrease connection; he also mentions that laptops are an escape from hard work. Rosenblum effectively discusses how laptops and social media are reducing education, focus, and connection.
In the article, Rosenblum describes how, due to the fact that laptops reduce learning, connection, and focus, he will not allow them in his classroom. He says of distractions in the class, “One study found that laptops or tablets consistently undermine exam performance by 1.7 percent” (qtd, in Rosenblum par. 6). He elaborates by suggesting that laptops are distracting his students, causing them to not be able to learn to the best of their ability. He also claims that the screens …show more content…

He says, “Screens block us from connecting, whether at dinner or in a classroom” (Rosenblum par. 6). Electronics are connecting people over social media while disconnecting people from real life. I also agree with this statement because although electronics connects us many ways, they are disconnecting us from real life. It has become such a problem that most people would much rather send a text than simply call a person. Many things like Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter connect people in many ways, but not to the people in front of them.
Darren Rosenblum’s article “Leave Your Laptops at the Door to my Classroom” leaves little desire to use a laptop in a classroom again. It is clear that Rosenblum believes that laptops interfere with the classroom. In the end, it is proven that education, focus, and connection are reduced by laptops and social

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