Persuasive Essay About Cyberbullying

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Three million students per month are absent from school due to bullying. Twenty percent of teens cyberbullied think about suicide, and one in ten attempts it. 4,500 teens commit suicide each year. Suicide from bullying also known as Bullycide is the number three killer of teens in the US. Children should not be scared to turn on their phones or go to school because of this horrific form of harassment known as cyberbullying. Bullying is worse online than traditional bullying. First, cyberbullying does not involve face to face interactions. In addition, cyberbullying can be anonymous. First, cyberbullying is worse than traditional bullying because it requires no face to face interactions. When people are sending hate to other people through …show more content…

Anonymous internet users, can come in many different forms like hateful bullies or people causing a little trouble. Also making different accounts and changing passwords can make people harder to catch. In addition, when people are exposed to anonymous bullying they are found more lost and more depressed. Recent studies show that eighty three percent of teens getting cyberbullied don 't know how to get help from adults because they are getting bullied anonymously. On top of this cyber bullies can seem much more intimidating because children don 't know who is bullying them and victims feel like they don 't have a way of figuring it out. According to Lia Rainal, member of the website youth panel, “Anonymous internet users, can come in many forms from people stirring up trouble to hateful bullies on personal sites.” (1) Cyber Bullies can take control of their victims through technology because to the victim they can seem invisible As you can see anonymous cyber bullies are much more dangerous than traditional bullies. In many ways that include making the victims feel lost and making the victims feel like they are hopless.

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