Cyber Bullying Effects

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Cyberbullying occurs through the use of technology to send threatening and intimidating messages to an individual. Since the early 2000s, technology has evolved to include several different forms of communication. There is a direct correlation between the rise of social media and cyberbullying, and it is one of the most difficult problems to resolve in our society today. Since social media is where most of the cyberbullying occurs, teachers and parents are often seen as responsible for observing, preventing, and punishing those who participate in cyberbullying. Most parents expect schools to protect their children from these internet crimes, though most of the staff feel afraid and unprepared to judge any cyberbullying that their students may …show more content…

Public interest has been increased by recent media coverage showing cases of young people who have attempted suicide or suicidal related things. Cyber victimization is more related to suicidal ideation than normal bullying. 4,500 kids who are victimized of cyber bullying attempt suicide and 1/10 victims have suicidal thoughts. One reason for the increase in teen suicide is depression. Depression is a state of mental disturbance, usually with lack of energy and difficulty in maintaining concentration or interest in life. It increases the risk of a teenager committing suicide. Depression is usually the last stage that the teenager experiences in result to a tragic event, for example, bullying that causes them to want to kill themselves. Another effect cyberbullying can cause are anxiety disorders. It isn’t uncommon for victims of bullying to worry or be constantly expecting something bad is to happen. After all, something bad did happen to them when they were being bullied. Therefore, this repeated stress can filter over into other areas of their life and become a generalized anxiety disorder. Most victims of cyberbullies are children, but there adults could also be cyberbullying victims. Occasionally, cyberbullies will know their victim, but sometimes they could pick victims they don’t know. In most situations, the cyberbully is picking on someone based on a type …show more content…

However, technology can be misused, and can be very painful for those, children, parents and teachers, who are targets of cyberbullying. Adults need to help children and young people prepare for the hazards while promoting the many learning and social opportunities available. The children now are the next generation if they are kind to one another and know how to use technology properly then we can definitely go far places. After all cyberbullying is a criminal offense that jeopardizes the safety of Internet users. It is a rapidly growing concern among parents that needs to be terminated before it gets out of hand. Online crimes should not be ignored, as the world is becoming globalized, internet and other harmful technology need to be regulated to hold good morals. Internet bullying affects children and teenagers causing several unnecessary deaths. Preventing cyberbullying would minimize unnecessary stress disorders and morley death among

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