Cyberbullying Dbq

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Cyberbullying is a huge problem in the United States, that happens everyday. Cyberbullying is the use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature. It affects many people in a negative way and it has to be controlled. In order to do this, schools should be allowed to limit students’ online speech because it affects people's lives and distracts everyone in a school environment. Bullying others through a screen can affect people’s lives mentally, physically, and emotionally. Many cannot even go through their day without constantly thinking about the hate they receive once logged into a device. In a school environment, cyberbullying affects many different figures such as …show more content…

A school’s purpose is to educate and interact with students without distractions, but cyberbullying gets in the way of a perfect school community. Although, many people would think that cyberbullying would distract students a lot, in which they are correct, it also distracts teachers. In the same survey on British teachers, 15.9% claimed that cyberbullying had reduced their productivity and teaching effectiveness (Doc B). If a teacher is not teaching to their best ability, the students scores and grades will decrease which will affect the student’s education and the teacher's career. Plus, cyberbullying makes the staff members feel as if they’ve lost their “dignity and privacy,” (Doc E). Once students find out personal information about teachers and post it online, teachers begin to feel as if the young citizens, whom they teach now know everything they should not know. This then leads to the teachers always having that thought in their mind while “teaching” the kids. Teachers have two lives, a personal life and a work life, and these two should not interfere with each other. Finally, students are also distracted when cyberbullying takes place in school. Students often tend to talk about the incidents while in class (Doc D). During educational learning time, teachers have to stop their lessons to tell the students to get back on task. Also, these children whisper during learning time, which makes them not pay attention. Cyber Bullying leads to distractions for students and staff members at school, which all have negative effects on the

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