Normal Barbie Doll Summary

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The article ‘Normal Barbie’ Creator Introduces New ‘Normal Ken’ Doll correlates to Chapter 4 and many of the sections including Disciplining Gendered Bodies, objectification, and attractive men. The article, written by Caroline Bologna, a parents editor at the Huffington Post, discusses the new invention of a more realistic male Barbie doll with a more realistically proportioned body. The article is based around Nickolay Lamm, the creator of Lammily dolls. Lammily dolls also referred to as “normal” Barbie dolls were created two years ago to combat the unrealistic beauty standard that girls across the country are faced with each and every day. The creation of these realistically proportioned dolls have assisted in creating an empowering marketing campaign as well as an educational accessory for young girls. The endless amount of positive…show more content…
I found this article to be extremely interesting because I believe that a ‘normal Barbie and Ken’ doll should have been created a long time ago. By the creation of these new toys, children are taught from the beginning that it is okay to be a little taller, a little shorter, a little heavier, it teaches acceptance to children that it is okay to not have a supermodel or a body builder’s body. Similar to what the article said I believe that by the creation of these new realistic dolls it will give children a more realistic expectation about their own appearance. The main key points that were discussed in Chapter 6 regarding the attractiveness of men was all key points that the creator of the dolls is hoping to change. By children playing with fashion dolls like the typical Barbie, reports have showed that it may lead to eating disorders and other body image issues which I believe will stop by the creation of these new dolls by
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