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  • Funk Dance Research Paper

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    Differences between Jazz and Jazz Funk Dance you need to know Jazz and Jazz Funk dance styles have been around for a while. People from across the world are widely engaged in learning these Caribbean inspired dance forms. Both of the dance forms are similar sounding, however differ greatly when it comes to the actual dance performance. If you are a non-dancer or not familiar with the styles of dancing, then it is not strange to be unaware about the differences between the two dance forms. Well,

  • James Brown: The Evolution Of Funk Music

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    Funk is an important music genre that began in the 1960s as an African-American music style where musicians created a new rhythmic form of music through a mixture of soul songs, jazz music and R&B. Funk minimizes melody and harmony and creates strong rhythmic patterns of electric bass, along with the drums and also a vocal style drawn from soul music. Funk songs are usually formed on a prolonged vamp on a particular chord, which effectively distinguishes them from soul music and R&B songs as these

  • Funk History

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    was a horn section with instruments such as trombones, trumpets or saxophones. James Brown is a musician that took a very important role in creating the genre. In funk everything relies on the beat, every single sound is congruent to the rhythm. Funk is about timing. Time signature is usually 4/4. The major genres that influenced funk were R&B and soul music. Artists tried to create an easier to dance and more groovy type of music. PROGRESSIVE ROCK is a subgenre of rock music originated in United

  • Christina Funk Research Paper

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    Christina Funk, junior, established a new organization that will benefit incoming freshman and returning students in their academics, student involvement, and social life. Funk’s organization, Students4Students was created in the beginning of August and has already over 50 official members in this organization. Students4Students consist of mentors known as Wolves and mentees known was Pups. Mentors must have attended University of West Georgia for a least a year and obtain a 2.7 GPA or higher. Most

  • Harborfest Research Paper

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    Harborfest Tall ships, fireworks, and fun...for free! The 39th Annual Norfolk Harborfest event, Virginia 's largest summertime festival, sails into view June 5-7 at Town Point Park in downtown Norfolk, Virginia. This is my first time visiting Harborfest because I really do not enjoy ships; however, I enjoyed the good entertainment, food, and friends. I have to admit that this event was not my favorite. A singer that performed at Harborfest is Morris Day. He performed Jungle Love, The Walk and The

  • Parliaments Band Analysis

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    they would go under was, Funkadelic, because of the psychedelic culture in the 1970s and their funk sound. George Clinton would then have the 50 plus band members to become the new name with the musical influences of James Brown and Sly Stone, in which, they would later become the pioneers

  • Soul Music In African American Communities In The 1950s And 1960s

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    political action. The African American fight for civil rights and Black liberation is where genres of popular music like Soul and Funk got their start (Maultsby). Soul music has been used to convey the Black American experience and the fight for social justice, according to Maultsby, who calls it "a musical and lyrical expression of African American culture and identity." Funk music, in a similar vein, captures the Black American fight for social and political liberation. The BLM music excerpts examines

  • African American Pop Music

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    African Americans have made huge contributions to make music what it is today. Pop music would not be what is today if it wasn’t for African Americans. It all started with R&B, Soul, and Funk music. Each of these genres have their own unique sound. Artist use different instruments, singing styles, and different forms of expression create these genres. R&B is still one of the most popular genres. R&B stands for rhythm and blues. An example of traditional R&B is the song “Let’s Stay Together” by Al

  • R & B Research Papers

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    Rhythm and blues, or R&B, is a popular African-American music style that sprang up in the 1940s. The phrase “Rhythm 'n ' Blues” has undertaken a numerous amount of shifts in message and meaning. It was frequently used to refer to music styles that developed from and incorporated electric blues, as well as gospel music. R&B lyrical themes often encapsulate the African-American experience of love, pain, and the quest for freedom and/or joy. Lyrics focus heavily on the themes of triumphs and failures

  • Kool And The Gang Analysis

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    initially made up of two brothers (Robert and Ronald Bell, two Muslim brothers born in Ohio) in addition of five other members, and over time the many other members joined and left the band. They were originally a Jazz band, but later started playing Funk music, gaining them some success during the beginning of the ‘70s; and then gained even more success in the later years - when disco became popular - with hits like “Celebration”, “Get Down on It”, and “Fresh”. Although they have 22 studio albums

  • Miles Davis Essay

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    Miles Davis is a widely famous musician known for his numerous contributions to jazz and its subgenres. Davis is prominent in many jazz styles including bebop, cool jazz, hard bop, modal jazz, third stream, funk, and jazz-rock fusion. Born in 1926, Davis is a baby of the early jazz era. By 13 years old, Davis’ affluent father introduced him to his famed instrument, the trumpet ( Editors) At 17, Davis had the opportunity to play with the iconic bebop figures Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie

  • African-American Music As Rebellion: From Slavesong To Hip-Hop

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    often uses these words because they are the current trends, yet, they lack a clear understanding of the words. African American musical culture styles range from various genres such as: hip-hop, rock “n” roll, negro spirituals, blues, ragtime, jazz, funk, disco, rhythm and blues, doo-wop, gospel, and reggae. The music is rooted in the plain and sorrows of slavery. Negro spirituals were the first musical forms to sweep the South; African slavers sung songs expressing their longing for freedom. In the

  • To Pimp A Butterfly Theme

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    that Tupac Shakur is his biggest influence, and has influenced his music as well as his day-to-day lifestyle. “To Pimp a Butterfly”, incorporates elements of funk, jazz, soul and spoken word poetry. The album “To Pimp a Butterfly” is a hip-hop / rap album but sounds nothing like the traditional rap album, it incorporates elements of rap, funk, jazz, gospel, soul and spoken word poetry. “To Pimp a

  • Black Lives Matter Movement Essay

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    Exposing Racial Problems in Society Through Music and Movements The term “soul” can mean maybe things… It can mean the spiritual part of a human that is perceived to still be living after the individual is deceased. In this application of our learning and analyzing, soul mostly refers to the style of music. “Soul is a form of urban Black popular music, derived from rhythm and blues of the 1950s, that crystalized in the late 1960s and peaked in the mid-1970s.” (Maultsby 271) Soul music came about

  • Joseph F Shloss Hip Hop Analysis

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    The term “hip-hop” is used today to describe a specific form of dance and music, but actually encases a much broader art. “It [Hip-Hop] is the cultural embodiment of violence, degradation, and materialism . . . a multibillion-dollar industry based on debauchery, disrespect, and self-destruction” (3). Although hip-hop does heavily involve music and dance, Joseph G. Schloss has found that there are many more aspects that make up the hip-hop culture. Foundation is a collection by Schloss of his findings

  • What Makes Rap Music Representative Of American Culture Essay

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    What makes Rap Music representative of American Culture? Rap music has been entwined with American culture since its emergence in the South Bronx of New York City during the early 1970s. Young african americans used rap as a way of art that exploded the genre to mainstream music and media. Many young Americans across the country could relate to the rapper's use of lyrics as a form of a story, to tell the truth about their lives. With many rappers nowadays use a form of political rap. This is where

  • Hip Hop Research Paper

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    The popular genre of hip-hop actually has a rather interesting history. Hip-hop music also called hip-hop, rap music or hip-hop music, a genre that consist of stylistic rhythmic music that has rhyming speeches. This culture has a subculture known by five key elements. Mcing, rapping, scratching, breakdancing and graffiti writing. Other elements are sampling and beat boxing. A lot of people refer to rapping. Hip-hop properly breaks down the practice of the entire subculture (Toop). Keith Cowboy,

  • The Effect Of Hip-Hop On African-American Culture

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    Originating as an outlet for African-American youth in low-income areas, hip-hop has become a behemoth of the music industry and an industry in and of itself. Since then, the genre has gone through too many changes and reinventions to count. A few big changes are the amount of money now involved with the genre and who the overall audience the music is made for. Rapping styles and production have also gone through many changes over the years. With its humble beginnings in the Bronx during the 70’s

  • What Are The Similarities Between Prince Rogers Nelson's Life And Accomplishments

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    copies and reached up to #11 on the Billboard. Prince performed both of those songs on American Bandstand .His next three albums “Dirty Minds” “Controversy” and “1999” also went platinum. Prince extended his songs using sexual lyrics and a mixture of funk rock music and dance. In 1984 he refereed his backup band as The Revolution and had finally released his the song “ Purple Rain”. In 1981 Prince had made his first appearance on the Saturday Night Live show and he had performed “Party Up”. In 1981

  • What Are Prince Rogers Nelson's Major Accomplishments

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    Prince Rogers Nelson born June 7,1958 who is a singer, songwriter, musician and actor. He have produced 10 albums and 40 top hit singles. Prince music career started when Prince released Dirty Mind and Controversy, which implies controversy due to his fusion of religion and sexual themes. Prince attended Minneapolis Bryant Junior High School where he had okay football basketball and also baseball. Prince had met a man named Jimmy Jam in early 1973 in junior high school. Jimmy Jam was impressed with