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Fundamentals of Fashion And Their Reflection In “The Next Black” Aaliya Gujral Unquestionably clothes are a prominent part of our lives. They help us express who we are and often represent our sex, occupation, age and social standing. Clothing has been used by humans for thousands of years, and comes in a variety of forms. It has evolved throughout the course of history to include more fabrics, patterns, styles and designs. Although fashion moves faster and faster the concept of clothing hasn't changed much in over the years. It continues to shape the identities of individuals and societies around the world. Fabric is still being used to cover our body and continues to signify social code. Although clothing plays a role in identifying differences among individuals within different socioeconomic levels, it serves many practical uses as well. Clothes are necessary for several reasons: they help us identify cultures …show more content…

It is a film that explores the future of clothing, consisting of a set of stories about future innovations within the industry. This documentary tackles the question of fashion's future from various angles meeting with businesses and designers who present multiple yet often similar viewpoints on the future of sustainability, technology and mass production. The film answers some of the industry’s major concerns regarding topics like fast fashion, wearable technology, future washing needs and ways of making the clothing industry more sustainable. Pioneers from some of the most innovative companies such as Patagonia (Rick Ridgeway, and Vice President of Environmental Initiatives), Adidas (Matt Hymers, project manager of Team Elite), BioCouture (Suzanne Lee, founder), Studio XO (Nancy Tilbury, co-founder and director), and Yeh Group (Sophie Mather, Innovation Director) voice their opinions on this

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