The Dressmaker Analysis

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“The Dressmaker” has many similar elements and features to spaghetti westerns. How has the director used the style to engage a modern audience? The Dressmaker, directed by Jocelyn Moorhouse, is loved by many but disliked by an equal number for its quirky and unusual plot, acting and setting. It is set in the 1950’s and closely follows the style of spaghetti westerns which gained popularity in the same period of time. From the cinematic techniques to the plot line, the film incorporates many elements of the style of film. Despite being set in an older period of time and adapting the elements of the spaghetti westerns, it appeals largely to the modern audience due to the certain things which capture their attention. Director Jocelyn Moorhouse …show more content…

As seen in many spaghetti westerns, the protagonist gets beaten up or tied up by the antagonist and their gang. The protagonist gets away, plans and gets revenge on the antagonist. In The Dressmaker, the entire population of the small town is against Tilly. Molly, Tilly’s mother, helps Tilly get revenge against them. Tilly uses her talent as a seamstress to make the Dungatar team lose the theatre contest and burns the entire town with a red satin roll of fabric. Parting from the village with the words, “Tilly Dunnage is no longer cursed”, she successfully gets her revenge and leaves in a style which matches that of a classic spaghetti western. They say revenge is a dish best served cold but this hot revenge is better and more captivating than anything cold. Jocelyn Moorhouse has directed the film, The Dressmaker, exceptionally well, earning many awards and love from the audience not only from the period of time when it is set, but from the modern audience as well. Her choice to present it in the style of spaghetti westerns has proven to be an extremely successful and smart one. The elements of spaghetti westerns which are incorporated within the film not only give it the 50s look and feel, but make it enticing and engrossing for the audience. The story, dialogue, plot line, clothing and everything in between of this quirky film is destined to be loved by all

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