1970's Fashion Essay

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1970's Fashion The beatles broke up, The Vietnam War still persisting and everyone became infatuated with Disco in the 1970’s. The 70’s fashion was inspired by many musicians, movies such as the hit “Saturday Night Fever”, television shows, the war, women's liberation movement and Earth Day along with many other events that took place during that era. Events of the 70’s greatly influenced the outrageous fun and hip fashion industry and is still seen today in various forms. Historical, political and social events all largely fueled the self expression craze in the 70’s. “The Vietnam war definitely made an impact and was reflective with some of the antiwar protestors wearing military attire that was altered (Frankel).” Politics also played a large part in the fashion trends with “The First Official Earth Day to save the environment was held in 1970’s(frankel).” Women’s rights and roles in …show more content…

One trend was disco clothing, tube tops, sequined shirts, blazers , pant suites and mini skirts. “Although afros were very fashionable, cornrows-rows of very tight braids-were also worn by African Americans including celebrities (Frankel).” Another was the hippie look which was tye-dye shirts, bell bottom pants and jeans. Headbands, scarves, and floppy hats were just some of the accessories adorned by this trend. Anti-conformists approach to fashion consisted of sweaters, tshirts, jeans and sneakers. The popular fashion movement was largely shaped by events that took place in the 1970’s. “Both hippies and war protesters influenced fashion trends with unisex clothing (Frankel).” Protesters against the Vietnam War dressed in military surplus and boots. The hippies wore jeans and cotton tshirts. Earth Day was another event that brought “Hippie” movement. Do it yourself clothing was all the rage. “Handmade crocheted vests and caps, knitted shawls and batik shirts remain popular

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