Describe The Trends Of The 90's

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1990’s Fashion
The 90’s marked the beginning of many new fashion trends, it was a decade when people developed their own style by mixing top names with mass brands. Perhaps the most important influences on fashion was technology. With the arrival of the internet, information, including the latest fashion styles and trends, could now be communicated. However another main influence on fashion was the art world. I believe that in order to better understand the fashion in the 90’s, you must first be knowledgeable about the historical events, popular trends, and how the historical events affected the trends of that time.
Eager to understand the art of the 90’s ? Well first you have to start not with aesthetics but with economics. Arts in the 90’s, went through a period of retrenchment and rethinking. “Value in everything is being questioned,” said Mary Boone, the influential 80’s art dealer. What typified the art of those days? Race, sexuality and multiculturalism were hotly debated at the start of the decade. Most of the artists we now think of as representing the 90’s, abandoned a commitment to any one …show more content…

With african american and latino races influencing the rap which in turn influenced the style of clothing they wore such as baggy pants and “bling-bling” compared to the white pop culture. Whites typically wearing clean-cut T-shirts, oversized jeans, and leather jackets. And the influence dance had on the raver look of brightly colored loose-fitting T-shirts, baggy pants,and hoodies paired with glow-in-the-dark accessories, such as pacifiers and glow ropes. Although there were many different groups and trends in the 90’s, they seem too all be influenced one way or another by one each other creating a culture all of its

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