Political And Social Changes From 1860 To 1860

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The aftermath of the Civil War caused drastic transformations among the American people between the years 1860 and 1880. Of these changes rose the issues of political and social relations within the nation. The issues of political and social relationships arose among several different groups of people, causing these relationships to drastically change. Through the transformations of public liberty, right of succession, and slavery, the Civil War and it's inevitable aftermath was able to alter the political and social relationships that had been instilled in the fabric of America before the times of 1860. The southern definition of public Liberty in opposition to the northern definition of Liberty transformed the political relationship between the American government and south in the aftermath of the Civil War. Reconstruction and the strict changes it brought to the southern people played a major part in forming …show more content…

Suffragettes, wanting the rights of woman to be recognized, recognized the rights that were being given to former slaves and made the case that it was now their time to receive their rights. Several suffragettes such as Susan B. Anthony fought hard to convince the American government to grant woman the right to vote. Anthony presented that "as then, the slaves who got their freedom must take it...through unjust forms of law, precisely so, now, must woman, to get their right to a voice in this government" (document 4). Suffragettes often compared themselves to slaves in relation to the rights that had been stripped from both groups of people. As a result of the civil war suffragettes became more persistent in their pursuit of Liberty and in their relationship with the American

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