What Role Did Women Play In The American Revolution

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"These are the times that try men's souls" During the American Revolution it was a time where it seemed like all hopes of winning had vanished, it tested to see the soldiers bravery and stamina. The war started because of taxes that the Americans saw unjust, this soon led to boycotts and the Boston tea party. After major key events it sparked the seven year Revolutionary war. The final battle took place in Yorktown 1781. Throughout the war women, African Americans, and Europeans each played important roles in the American Revolution. To start off women played an important role in the revolution while the men fought at war. Women took jobs like shipbuilding, blacksmiths, carpentry, or weavers. Others transformed homes into hospitals for the wounded, and some sewed uniforms and stockings for the soldiers. One woman who dared to join the army was Deborah Sampson. Sampson managed to …show more content…

France proved to be a major asset; the majority of the countries that helped only did it because of a vendetta over Britain. Document 7 emphasizes the Europeans contributions "Nevertheless, they brought with them professional military and competence that the Continental Army sorely needed." This means that although American troops lacked the correct skill set the allies managed to give military aid. The French sent over Marquis de Lafayette, an influential nobleman who contributed to training the troops. Along with France Germany also aided in the war by sending Johaan de Kalb and Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben. Both French and German men made valuable contributions as leaders and trainers. In document 7 it states "Louis DuPortail, a Frenchman, and Thaddeus Kosciuszko, a pole, did much to advance the art of engineering in the Continental Army." The Europeans changed the ways of engineering in the Continental Army. Without the help of the Europeans the army would have collapsed and America would still be under Britain’s

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