Battle Of Dunkirk Research Paper

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¨We shall not flag or fail, we shall go on to the end, we shall fight in France¨. This quote by Winston Churchill explains the determination of the Allied forces to succeed over the tyrannic rule of the Third Reich during World War II. The Battle of Dunkirk that took place in 1940 is a pristine example of the resistance and determination of Allied forces to win the war. Citizens and soldiers were engaged in battle giving their lives for their countries. The Allies were more than soldiers they were also everyday citizens motivated towards their country's cause to engage in battle, even though death was very common, and help with the evacuation of their fellow soldiers.
The British and the French were the Allied forces that aided in the Battle of Dunkirk by sending reinforcements such as troops, medical supplies, and food. Therefore, ¨the Battle of Dunkirk …show more content…

¨This operation is the biggest evacuation in military history that has ever been recorded, earning the campaign the nickname of the ´Miracle of Dunkirk´¨ (Dunkirk Evacuation Ends). This shows me that the citizens of Dunkirk did everything they could to save their troops. Also the Miracle of Dunkirk is the best thing that happened for the troops of Dunkirk. ¨The evacuation wouldn't have happened without the help of the hundreds of fishing boats, pleasure yachts, lifeboats, ferries and other civilian ships that came in all sizes¨ (Dunkirk Evacuation Ends). This shows me that the evacuation of Dunkirk was the top priority for the citizens and would do anything to save their troops. However some boats were sunk in the extraction of the Alliance and worked hard to save as much lives as possible. Also the lives of the troops were the number priority. Overall this tells inform me how people's lives were saved by the brave citizens of

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