Tom Brady Vs Mia Hamm

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Tom Brady vs. Mia Hamm Today, athletes are viewed as iconic models and mentors for the aspiring generation of athletes hoping to eventually be at the professional league at a moment in their careers. According to Brady, he has kept his team at the national spotlight for six years. Star-studded and Olympic Gold Medalist Mia Hamm has accomplished many achievements over the years as an athlete for the United States Women’s National Soccer Team. Mia Hamm and Tom Brady have similarities and differences as types of athletes in our world today. I believe they can be compared and contrasted in three ways. We can discuss them for their dedication, commitment, and ability to handle criticism on and off the field.
Brady presents his hard work and dedication
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Both Brady and Hamm commit themselves on winning each and every time on the field. Brady explains that if winning is not the number one thing on your mind then you should just quit the game of football. Hamm commits and coaches herself on the game without the help of others. She explains how her teammates are intimidated by her intensity. However, this intensity reflects off of her and pushes her teammates to work as hard as she does. She is an overall leader on the field as is Brady, but she is willing to do anything to make her teammates feel successful on and off the field. With the awards, National Soccer Hall of Fame, Two-time FIFA World Player of the Year, and Olympic Gold and Silver medalists, Hamm presents herself as a leader in the game of the soccer and inspires those working hard to one day be at the professional level and accomplish the same things she has accomplished over her…show more content…
The main difference between them is how they handle criticism if presented. Brady believes the criticism of others should not affect your performance or your job. Being as successful as he has been with the Patriots, he has yet to experience a lot of criticism over the years. However, even if he has, he believes that it is the other person’s problem if they have problem with his play style or performance. On the other hand, Hamm had experienced a lot of criticism growing up. She had played on an all-boys soccer team. They would shove her around and hit her to the point where she would be bruised and bleeding vigorously out of her nose. Although this toughened her up, she felt that she needed to prove to the male gender that she was better than them. Indeed, she stood up for herself and from that point forward she never backed off of any competition. This is similar to the mental toughness needed to be a professional football player as well. After comparing and contrasting Tom Brady and Mia Hamm, I think I prefer Mia Hamm because of her mental toughness and accomplishments to her career and lifetime as a professional soccer player. From the consistency of winning football games and being the national spotlight for years to the Olympic gold medals as an elite soccer player, both Brady and Hamm have proven to be iconic models for the aspiring generation of athletes. Nowadays, playing a sport comes with
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