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Many people do not realize how many famous people are from Mississippi. Eli Manning is a New Orleans native, but considered a famous Mississippian because he attended The University of Mississippi along with his father, Archie Manning. Eli Manning does great things like winning the Super Bowl and receiving MVP, but he also does many great things off the field such as donating his time and money.

Manning did not really like football, but his dad and all of his siblings played football. Eli started playing for The University of Mississippi in 2000. His dad, Archie Manning, also played at Mississippi for three years and was named the starting quarterback for all three years of his time. Eli decided to redshirt his 1999 season and get better
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He was drafted to the San Diego Chargers, but there was a slight problem with him getting drafted with them. San Diego traded him shortly after he told them he did not want to play with them. Once he signed his six year forty-five million contract with the New York Giants, he knew it was time to start getting better if he wanted to step on the field. Eli was named starter at the beginning of the season. (“Eli Manning Biography”1) They started off to a good with a 2-0 record against the Arizona Cardinals and against his home town, New Orleans Saints. They lost to the team that drafted Manning for the first pick of the National Football League after they started off to a good season. They bounced back in the season and made it to the Super Bowl. They faced the New England Patriots and came out with a win and a ring. They named Manning the Most Valuable Player for his performance. Him and his brother are the first brothers to win a Super Bowl and get named the Most Valuable Player. (“Eli Manning…show more content…
His best endeavor is “Tackle Kids’ Cancer” which is to raise money for cancer patients and their family’s to help with their surgery. He spends plenty of time with the patients and the doctors also. This shows how good of a person you can be on or off the field. You can see some players that don’t do things like this ,although Eli could’ve easily did something else like spending time with his family or even stay on the field for a little longer ,but he has a good heart and cares about his community. This shows that Eli Manning is not only one of the best National Football League players ,but also one of the most caring players in the league. (Elsen 2)
Manning doing the fundraisers and donations is one of the most amazing and heart touching things someone has ever seen in the National Football League. Eli Manning does great things like winning the SuperBowl and receiving MVP, but he also does many great things off the field such as donating his time and

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