How Did Dr. Seuss Change The World

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Theodor Geisel may not have had a significant meaning to someone as a child, but the name Dr. Seuss had children sitting patiently for the amazing, tongue twisters that filled those small cardboard pages. Dr. Seuss impacted the world by encouraging others to be different, working as a military advocate, and enhancing childrens’ vocabulary. Dr. Seuss was an artist, writer, and cartoonist that used his work to shape the world. The stories that Dr. Seuss provided gave people a completely different look on life and adventure. From his first story, And I think I saw it on Mulberry Street, to his last, Oh the places You’ll Go!, encompassing everything in between, he truly changed the world for the better. Rejected over a number of times, Dr. Seuss …show more content…

Seuss showed his American pride, using his imaginative and initiative work to create propaganda for the government. After submitting over 400 cartoons to a daily newspaper, he joined the Army as a Captain. In the Armed Forces, he worked at making films and pamphlets about the war, which included ‘Our Job in Japan’ and a short series called ‘Private Snafu’. Without these powerful pieces of art and short films, the United States may not have had the dedication of every citizen to help with the war in some way. His strong political views were mirrored in many of his books there in allegorical form for all to read. How he felt about the war and what he thought should have happened. An award winning journalist, John Hersey, challenged Dr. Seuss to use his powerful writing skills to help children. In 1954 children's vocabulary and learning skills were very low. Children stopped reading books because they thought there were boring. This made Seuss begin his endevor of creating children's books. Ann Neely states, “ Children in stages of early literacy need to develop strong foundations on phonological awareness… I think the rhyming can be used in a variety of ways in this regard.” The colorful pictures and simple words help children learn to read still to this …show more content…

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